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The 62-year-old São Paolo bus magnate has accumulated millions of records in his 25,000-square-foot warehouse and home. To help him locate records in his personal collection, Freitas uses objects like “Star Wars” cards (Disney LPs) and a Heineken bottle (soccer LPs). [4] The first record he bought was Canta para a Juventude by Roberto Carlos, which he acquired around December 1964 or January 1965. The New York Times Magazine ran a profile on Zero Freitas, a Brazilian man who runs a São Paulo bus line but has a much more fascinating hobby: … Even the majors that are the most organised of the music labels have no idea of exactly how many records they have produced. By Clive Young Published: September 15, 2014 In general they are crazy people. This task seems urgent now as our attention span gets ever shorter and more distracted, as reflected in the uprooted samples and truncated snippets of music scattered all over the internet. Sometimes people say things that have no base, or even mock you. For Freitas, that is troubling and something to be ultimately avoided. Unless the collection was all James Last, it seems pretty lowball. He bought a collection of about 100.000 Cuban records for maybe a few 1000 bucks. Earlier this year, Freitas and Bastos stepped into Eric Discos, a used-record store in Sao Paulo that Freitas frequents. In the 1980s, Brazilian collectors of the Instituto Moreira Salles publicly estimated that there were 65,000 78-rpm shellac titles produced in Brazil, and that a similar compendium should be made available for 12-inch vinyl records whose production continued uninterrupted until 1996. More daunting and adventurous than buying well-catalogued U.S. American records from failed stores in California, Louisiana or New York, the task seems worthwhile. A month was needed to catalogue this batch from Ceara. 62-year-old Zero Freitas is buying every vinyl record he can find. [4] Freitas studied music composition at college then took over the family transport business which ran buses in the city of São Paulo. Once catalogued and made public, his collection may give a new deeper meaning to this phrase. It could also popularise an analogue sensibility to new generations. The available information is very vague. Você não precisa comprar muitos discos. People say: ok, but the sound is worse. Record heaven: Inside the world's biggest collection Zero Freitas began collecting records as a boy. We instantly took a taxi from the city’s south-west part called Campo Belo to a more westerly neighbourhood of Vila Leopoldina. Check the story of his incredible collection! The problem is that many records are becoming increasingly rare. I try to avoid two things: first, I say that records do not belong to me, they are provisionally with me, I’m running them, I have this hope that they will become public thing; second, I keep myself from belonging to the records.There are some health issues I always try to be careful about, checking if I’m not slipping in any of these two holes. - remembering account, browser, and regional preferences Bert August 11th, 2014 . As writer Monte Reel, the author of "Between Man and Beast" and "The Last of the Tribe. Zero Freitas Brazilian Music Collection. I started to work with stores that I knew because I was a frequent buyer. “I put some things aside for you,” the owner, Eric Crauford, told him. By the time Freitas left high school he had 3,000 records. Detailed information can be found on our Privacy Policy page. and used agents to act on his behalf. Are you listening, Zero Freitas? The biggest record collection on Earth. However, tongue in cheek he relativizes the scale of his achievement. Zero Freitas has been obsessed with music since he was a little boy growing up in Brazil. We do this with social media, marketing, and analytics partners (who may have their own information they’ve collected). In 2015, Terence McEwan of the San Francisco Opera gave Freitas 6,500 classical LPs. He collects records from across the … [3] By March 2015, his collection was estimated at six million, making his the largest record collection in existence. Basta apenas ter uma coleção instantânea como esta. The 65-year-old, who made his money running a transporation company, started his collection with a single record in 1965 and now has collected more than seven million. When his collection reached 30,000 – a number that’s hardly manageable alone by anyone’s standards – Zero started to reflect on the meaning of his pursuit., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 27 November 2020, at 04:20. José Roberto “Zero” Alves Freitas is a Brazilian businessman whose record collection of about five million discs is said to be the largest in existence. The meaning of vinyl has thus shifted from poor to rich. Focusing on rare Brazilian music, he wants to save some endangered species of vinyl, and thus to raise awareness of world’s vast but jeopardised musical ecologies. That's about $60,000. When I was in India, I made jokes in interviews that I cannot be the one with the largest collection of records in the world because there are a dozen Indian maharajas who must have 10 million Indian records, for it is such a big country with a production [of vinyl] almost as big as the Brazilian. While searching for hidden collections, you have to filter out what is true and what is false. Somatória Do Barulho and its sub-label Candonga of Caio Baraldo from São Paulo are exemplary new independent imprints of this kind run by someone born at the time when vinyl was seemingly dying.

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