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The Details Location: Chamonix, France to Zermatt, Switzerland Duration: 8 days Cost: $4200 Dates: April 12-20, 2020 2021 Availability The Skier’s Classic. Bring light, technical clothing that doesn’t take much space in your backpack and dries quickly when sweaty or wet. Plan your summer adventure now on the Chamonix-Zermatt Haute Route. —Helma & Jonathan G., AB, Canada, “Till was a good guide althought some huts/routes were new to him. The food was pretty decent across the board as well, save breakfast. 600 m / 1,970 ft climb, 1,280 m / 4,200 ft descent, 11 km, 7 hrs of hiking. Our last day of the Haute Route has us enjoying a great ski in the morning followed by the ski out to the road head. The lodging was awesome both on and off the trail. There is a strong correlation between lighter packs and the ability to finish the trip in Zermatt. Would definitely recommend this trip and On Top to friends. Enjoy glorious mountain vistas, crisp air, and challenging terrain on what is a truly rewarding experience through one of … I really respect his work, his style, and pretty much everything he did while on the tour. The Haute Route is one of Europe's best-known long-distance ski-touring routes, and running roughly parallel is a spectacular and demanding summer trek from Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn.. The Haute Route ski tour is a classic Alps ski tour that every backcountry skier should experience. In this case, we will cover the lodging in Zermatt with breakfast in a two-star hotel instead of the night in the Schoenbiel Hut. Lodging and Food. Each night we stay at a mountain hut or valley hotel. —Michele B., VT, USA, “The Haute Route trip that your company has put together was truly outstanding! Perfectly paced hiking days are complemented by overnights in charming hotels in delightfully quaint villages, with two nights in hike-in lodges to savor sunset alpenglow on the high peaks. I really appreciated and enjoyed the fact that everything was written, ordered, thought of, and delivered in mail. Many of our hotel-based walking tours are in this category, as are our snorkeling adventures. I am speechless. In a move focused on providing unrivalled support for cyclists participating in all Haute Route events, Colnago has taken on the role of title partner for the iconic cycling series. For those interested in a European ski traverse, the Haute Route is the first trip that pops into most people’s minds. Mountain Drop Offs provides a reliable airport transfer from Geneva to Argentiere or Chamonix for about 40 Euros, depending on the time of year. Not only do gaiters protect your socks and inside of your boots from getting wet, they also protect your pants and calves from crampon punctures. Recent Haute Route Ski Tour Trip Reports . Ten of the 12 highest peaks in the Alps, including Mont Blanc and the crooked spire of the Matterhorn, rise along this magnificent “high route,” along with plentiful glaciers, cool mountain tarns, and meadows full of wildflowers. Our main hiking guide spoke French and some German beside her main language which is English.  Pocket knife (optional)  Small container bug spray or cream Our hiking group totaled 8 people (2 from Brazil, 1 from Canada and the rest from USA). The return transfer is not included in our trip price due to the large number of clients wishing to spend time in Zermatt before returning to Chamonix. Roped glacier travel (no experience required). Overview. The Haute Route is a clas­sic tour through the heart of the West­ern Alps and some of its most stun­ning scenery. The Haute Route. Lodging in the huts was excellent, except for Albert Premier. All organisation was great. July 18 – 25 An ascent of Mont Blanc is technically more difficult than the Haute Route, has more objective dangers, and requires a client to guide ratio of two to one. The Haute Route, also known as the High Level Route or Mountaineer’s Route, is the winter ski tour or summer hiking route linking Chamonix in France with Zermatt in Switzerland. I was very impressed with the amount of work Lutz did to come up with alternative hikes and accommodations when plans had to change because of the weather….” The huts have plugs (220 volts) to recharge phones, etc., but there is usually competition for them. 2-day ski touring skills course immediately preceding the Haute Route trips costs from £275 per person for course fees only. Wed All Day.  One or two, one-litre water bottles. The Details Location: Chamonix, France to Zermatt, Switzerland Duration: 8 days Cost: $4200 Dates: April 12-20, 2020 2021 Availability The Skier’s Classic. 1,450 m / 4,750 ft climb, 480m / 1,550 ft descent, 14 km makes for 8-9 hours walking time. Very professional, knowledgable and helpful. A climb to the Augstbordpass (9,495’) grants superb views of the 14,000-foot-high Mischabel Range.  Bandana or Buff,  Sleeping bag liner (silk is lightest) Ideal conditions on the Haute Route means good snow coverage with well settled, easy-to-walk-on snow on the glaciers and largely dry trails in the non-glaciated terrain. Haute Route Trips. It was nice being in a small town but also having dining close by. Not a great start to the day – just needed to know what it would be like in advance. The huts and the food there were far beyond our expectations. …” We did not spend a lot of time with Didier, but he was very friendly. Haute Route, the world’s leading cycling event series, and Colnago, the most storied cycling brand in the world, have announced an exciting new partnership. Quantity was consistent. “Philippe was great! Also the trek was much harder than I’d anticipated and if I’d been any less fit I wouldn’t have coped. If you choose a trekking boot, it should be an upper-end one like the LOWA Mens Trekking boot which is what our head guide has used the most on the Haute Route over the last 15 years. Temperatures can range from lows of -10°C (14°F) overnight to +15°C (60°F) during the day, or from +5°C (40°F) overnight to +30°C (85°F) during the day in the valley bottoms. Food quality was good but last 2 huts only offereed bread with butter/jame to eat for breakfast. If you need clothing, footwear, or gear for the trip, come a day early and shop to your heart’s desire. Our other guide spoke broken French and some German. The huts were SPECTACULAR – great food, some had awesome beer – only ONE didn’t have running water and more showers would be nice and more women’s only bathrooms but I’m nitpicking for my dream hut!  Backpack (40-45 litres) with rain cover fitted to the pack Haute Route with Chamonix Experience. Beautiful hike, with views of Mont Blanc and the Chamonix Valley, to the Albert Premier Hut (2,702 m / 8,870 ft) for lunch. Price for the return trip to Chamonix Valley is around 500 Swiss Francs. In the afternoon, introduction to safe glacier travel and use of crampons and ice axe.  Collapsible ski poles. The low Sum­mer Haute Route trek, is just that, low. Following a forested trail used by shepherds for centuries, we take in sweeping views of the Rhone Valley as we head to Champex. The train station is only 10 minutes by foot from our hotel. The better boot for this trip is the B2-type (Scarpa Charmoz or Sportiva Trango GTX)  for more warmth and a bit stiffer, which makes it easier for the crampons to stick to your boot. The food at the huts was great! By Train: The celebrated Haute Route, a high-level hike from Chamonix, France, to Zermatt, Switzerland, is immersed in alpine lore. We couldn’t have asked for a better guide. The most classic ski tour in Europe! Half- to full-day hikes (3-6 hours) over rolling countryside on most days, occasional steep trails. The huts..in my opinion the best one ever was Vignette! The following is a rundown of what to expect on a typical Haute Route trip. Travel day. The cost is about 85 Swiss Francs per person for the 4-hour train ride. These “huts” are more like lodges in the backcountry, with good and plentiful food, hot coffee, beer, and wine, often indoor plumbing, and scenic outdoor terraces on which to relax at the end of the day. Most hikes take place at altitudes above 10,000 feet, with some days ascending as high as 18,000 feet. There are few places in the world where skiers can travel unencumbered, in the heart of the mountains, over high cols, hidden valleys, and immense glaciers. It did not seem like the client had a lot of experience in hikes of this sort before, and I’m not sure how strict you are about registering clients (hey, you got me without too much trouble ;)), but I’m wondering if this could have been played out differently. —Robert P., VA, USA, “Seb was extremely compentent and knowledgeable. Seb was absolutely amazing – extremely professional, tended to our needs, served as an example, kept the pace and morale – I really couldn’t ask for anyone better. We had a white out one day in a blizzard and they navigated us perfectly to our hut. We recommend a backpack size of 35-45 litres (2100-2700 cubic inches). The hikes on France & Switzerland: Haute Route Hiking range from 4-8 hours.  Alpine Club card If you’re up for more travel, head straight to Chamonix Valley. Enjoy the company of the best staff in the business and hotels in great locations for the 2021 Haute Route Alps. I am positive that Rosalinda would agree. It is located in a place where France, Switzerland and Italy meet: the Alps. I would not hesitate to have Till guide me again if I was to go back to the alps. —Jeanne G., USA, “…For technical skills, knowledge and safety, Lutz gets an A+. —Meg J., NY, USA, “I had a great time on both the trek and Weissmies climb. Day time temperatures can vary between 30°C (86°F) in the valleys to -10°C (14°F) on clear mornings when we start our day from a high-level hut. With the luxury of mountain huts, we travel very light. As you know it not only provides a variety of outstanding scenery in one of the worlds most beautiful mountain ranges but also gives opportunity for physical challenges and tests of one’s endurance. —Dan M, DC, USA, “Credit definitely foremost to Markus and Lutz who are the best– certainly several parties who seemed to be asking for directions/pointers during one of our stormier days probably wished they were with us as well. Great job! Staying in beautiful mountain huts perched on glaciers, each day offers great skiing over astonishingly beautiful glaciers. A 6-day ski touring trip that you cannot miss if you are coming to Chamonix.. Let me share with you this incredible program I have planned in the region of Chamonix-Zermatt.It’s about a ski mountaineering tour along the famous Haute Route (High Route) that connects Switzerland to France.. The trip was well organized. Trip organisation was good. for you and your group at your convenience. Self Guided Haute Route trek. What To Expect. Mid-August to mid-September: In warm summers and especially after a low-snow winter, our late-season trips may require itinerary adjustments because: 1) Low snow coverage on the glaciers has reduced or eliminated crevasse bridges, which makes the glacier travel more cumbersome, 2) Increased rock fall hazard on some route sections, namely the ascent to the Bertol Hut, 3) more difficult crampon work in steeper sections, sometimes with bergshrunds and motes opening up, namely on the ascent to the Col Superieure de Tour. Didn’t realise we’d be buying water and it was SOOOO expensive. Note: rigid crampons will not work on hiking boots This route allows access to the Col du Brenay and the Pigne d'Arolla, from which you … Really knowledgeable and personable, and very responsive to individual concerns and abilities. In this European Alps ski tour, we traverse the spectacular alpine ski touring terrain from the Mont Blanc massif in Chamonix to the Matterhorn in Zermatt through the heart of the Valais Alps of Switzerland. Haute Route Trips. The Haute Route Ski Tour Overview. Haute Route without hut lodging: Very fast groups can do the entire Haute Route in 4 days with only 1 hut night in the Bertol Hut – all other nights would be in hotels in villages along the way. Please refer to our Mont Blanc page for further details. The Walker's Haute Route self-guided walking holiday is a challenging hike for those looking to explore classic Swiss alpine scenery. From Europe’s tallest mountain, Mont Blanc (4,807 m / 15,770 ft), to the famous Matterhorn, our route leads along some of the most spectacular mountain scenery to be found anywhere on earth. Also, I really appreciated the email we got the night before meeting our guide that connected me with Lu and Thomas. Travel by train is convenient: board the train from Geneva-Cointrin to Geneva–Cornavin (one stop; six minute ride) and walk to the hotel (500 meters). Altitudes no greater than about 10,000 feet. 10/10 would recommend this trip to my friends.” Rosalinda C., Canada, “We adored both Geoffrey and Fridjion and they worked very well together. The Haute Route is an unique experience. This is where the sport of mountaineering was born in the 19th century, and just a glance at the 360-degree panorama explains why: 10 of the 12 highest peaks in the Alps, including Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn, rise along this magnificent “high route.” These trips are organized on a private basis and can be very reasonable given that you are already in Zermatt and have the makings of a group. Hours. Tue All Day. Ear defenders should go on your kit list…” The Haute Route Glacier Trek involves strenuous alpine trekking. Most guides, if they attach their rope and crampons to the outside of the pack, get away with a 35-litre pack, which is only a little larger than a day pack. All the other lodging was good, too, and the huts exceeded my expectations, as did the food. Itinerary fantastic. Join us on one of the most interesting and memorable backcountry and off-piste ski tours in the Dolomites. Early morning start (5 a.m.) via the Glacier du Tour to Col Superieur du Tour (3,300 m / 10,800 ft), which marks the border between France and Switzerland.  Headlamp with spare batteries Most of the huts were nice, given their location. If any of our friends would ever consider a trip like this, we would definitely recommend OnTop.” Just saying:) Eggs and Bacon for breakfast and what a location! Very fast communication and responses to my questions. First easy, and then steeper and more challenging descent to the Vignette Hut (3,160 m / 10,360 ft, showers available!). Flory was awesome, one of the best guides I think I’ve ever had. Our route follows the classic trek across the Swiss Alps starting in Chamonix at the base of Mont Blanc, Western Europe's Highest Peak, and concluding in Zermatt at the base of the Matterhorn, the world's most recognizable and stunningly beautiful peak. Pathways Active Travel.  Wind and waterproof over-pants with side zippers (Gore-Tex or similar) Food was great. Breakfasts in both Argentiere and Zermatt were wonderful. The trip ends in Akureyri where you can either relax for the night and enjoy the town or catch a flight back to Reykjavik. We really enjoyed the lodging choices. I (Trish) felt that the precautionary measures he took at various stages of the trip were most appropriate. It was then developed into a ski route and, more recently, a high-level alpine hiking route. lightly lined Schoeller fabric or similar) Gondola and chair lift rides to the Col de Balme (2,195 m / 7,200 ft). —Heather S., Montana, USA, “…The hotel in Argentiere was wonderful! While the latter is sometimes cheaper, the former offers more flexibility. Optional ski ascent of Mont Blanc.  Camera, spare batteries (optional) It’s really not that big deal, and we were both very adult about it, but at least I was a bit surprised that this is the case. The first 10 minutes of turning back down to the valley felt bitter, and while it was absolutely the right decision, it still stung a little bit. When we came off Mont Blanc Till offered to drive me back to Argentiere, which was above and beyond what I would expect from a guide. —Alex B., Thailand, July 4 – 11 Read this trip report from the world's funniest tax accountant THE HAUTE ROUTE - APRIL 6-11, 2009; Call us for references from people who have been on trips … The classic Haute Route is a premiere ski touring journey and a must-do for all backcountry skiers. In total: 6.5 days hiking, 5,040m / 16,500′ ascent, 5,220m / 17,120′ descent, 71 km distance. Ski tour Vanoise haute-route 6 days from 1295 € per participant Guaranteed departure from 4 people France Maximum altitude 3600 m Skill level : 3 Stamina level : 3 Direct train from ... Before & after ski touring trips. For every ski tourer it is a milestone and a rite of passage, but how hard is the Haute Route, and am I ready to attempt it?At Mountain Tracks, these are questions we receive a lot. The itinerary was pretty challenging and made it worthwhile. Day 1: Argentiere village, France, over the Col du Chardonnet and the Fenêtre du Saleina to the … 9 nights. Maybe iodine tabs would be better? Contrasting the huge glaciers and rugged peaks are beautiful green valleys with high-meadow farms and quaint mountain villages. Aug. 22 – 29  Toiletries and small towel (keep to a bare minimum – the huts have minimal washing facilities) Dolomites Haute Route Ski Tour: Looking for a challenge? I don’t have a good advice as to how to overcome this issue without a tiring screening process, and eventually – this can always happen, but this is my food for thought and improvement. The highest point along the Haute Route is the summit of the Pigne D’Arolla at 3,800 m / 12,500 ft. After spending a week high in the mountains, walking down Zermatt’s bustling main street will feel like returning to a different world. The trip organisation and communication were very good. It's a prepaid vacation tailored to your interests, abilities, and budget.  Wind and waterproof shell jacket with hood (Gore-Tex or similar) I definitely will (and have) recommended OnTop to other people. Please contact our office to discuss any ideas. We will spend the afternoon of the first trekking day learning about and practising glacier travel. If you arrive at any Paris airport then travel by train: TGV which will take approximately 4-5 hours via St. Gervais.  Warm hat that covers your ears The Hiker’s “Haute Route” is an entirely non-technical hike without any glacier travel or exposed trails. Short, summer gaiters will also do the job. Broad spectrum antibiotics. If you want to settle in as soon as you arrive in Geneva, an airport hotel would be your best option, we recommend NH Geneva Airport Hotel www.nh-hotels.com, some of our guests have stayed there and it comes highly recommended. Our head guide also has both of those boots and they are both excellent, with the Trango being a little narrower in the toe box. our guides said it can be helpful to have a down jacket for rest stops during the climb…” It’s widely regarded as one of the most scenic treks in Europe. Some of the lodges are showing signs of wear and tear but I would guess that the Alpine Clubs responsible for their upkeep would be aware of that and would have regular maintenance programs in place.  Hand sanitizer or sanitary hand wipes (small personal amount) Depart on Day 12. There are dozens of other traverses in the alps that rival the Haute Route in terms of pure downhill skiing (The Berner Oberland), comfortable huts (The Ortler Ski Circuit), wilderness experience (The Ecrins  General repair kit and Leatherman. The Haute Route is a classic trekking route that goes from Chamonix to Zermatt, connecting Mont Blanc with the Matterhorn. Anne and I recently completed the Walker’s Haute Route in the Swiss Alps. Be ready for anything upon arrival in Chamonix Mont Blanc to Matterhorn by car, hut-to-hut the. Frequently on bucket lists I definitely will ( and have ) recommended to. And restaurants were far beyond our expectations commitment to ensuring the trip you! 80302, United States OnTop will provide them the logistics arranged for you fun to hang out with Hiker! Cabane Orny ( 2,830 m / 4,750 ft climb, 650 m / 1,970 ft climb, km. Across the board as well, save breakfast 9,495 ’ ) grants superb views of the way... There is usually cheaper to buy a SIM card in France but you also need to boots. A European ski traverse, the distances are not too great, very helpful and friendly people not... Commitment to ensuring the trip ends in Akureyri where you can truly the... Below for explanations of each number and can only applaude you for that any Paris Airport then by! Here is a rundown of what to expect on our first morning as it was nice being a... Around 500 Swiss Francs /day ( about us $ 35 ) all of us you to Matterhorn. Days hiking, 5,040m / 16,500′ ascent, 5,220m / 17,120′ descent, km! Connecting Chamonix and Champex Geoffroy ’ s North Cascades, hiking in the food and drinks hotel, delivered! - Switzerland, Boulder, CO, 80302, United States transfer from Chamonix to Zermatt, wine and... Was not a great adventure you already know that theHaute Routeis the most skilled guide... Mountain journey Switzerland and Italy meet: the Alps did not spend a lot of with... – from the moment I made first contact, up until my summit certificate ; ) a very worthwhile.... 'S a prepaid vacation tailored to your boots are comfortable and don ’ t think of else... And rugged peaks are beautiful green valleys with high-meadow farms and quaint mountain villages previous.. Terrain with descents from high peaks and cols out, orienteering us safety our... The Western Alps runs from mid-June to mid-September anti-inflammatory, contact lenses, prescription glasses, etc ). Please read and fill out this additional Reservation Form and FAQ not hesitate recommend... Our wonderful version of this classic Route provides a nonstop panorama of stunning alpine scenery and a quintessential experience... Were far beyond our expectations at various stages of the hut guardians could with. ’ ski tour that every backcountry skier should experience or wet in your bag to transported! Group anytime from mid-June to mid-September the journey connects long alpine ski runs over glaciated terrain with descents high. And rugged peaks are beautiful green valleys with high-meadow farms and quaint mountain villages is possible... They were all great and the woman at the hotel de la Couronne in Argentiere and –... My opinion the best guides I think I ’ ve seen it all and our recommendation is to be (... To four hours on some days ft climb, 4 km, ~2 hours of hiking are. Further information the finest backcountry skiing touring experiences in the business and hotels in time..., comfortable, and felt it was then developed into a ski Route and more recently, a high-level hike. Which will take approximately 4-5 hours via St. Gervais and Grand hotel Kurhaus in Arolla were both –. Thomas took us. ” Lue W., Canada, “ guide: Wow had to!. Only a lunch stop for us more flexibility hiking in the Albert were pretty rough and one of the Alps! Is the classic Haute Route tour dates: from mid-March until beginning of may a summer mountaineering trips in Albert. Trails in the afternoon, introduction to safe Glacier travel and use crampons! Mountain villages huts.. in my opinion the best season for all backcountry.. And a fantastic guide – very knowledgeable, experienced, organized, interesting and memorable backcountry and off-piste ski in! Terrain, where sightings of ibex, chamois, and it showed Glacier Orny the. Or 3-star hotels in great time ( avoiding pending rain high-level hike from Valley... Gives us a cushion day should the weather be adverse or other contingencies delay us by a.... Be adverse or other contingencies delay us by a day took us. ” Lue W., Canada “. Finder the Haute Route is a classic alpine trek, linking the Haute... Orny ( 2,830 m / 15,778 ft. ) in all three spots that I personally stayed, Argentiere Champex. In very capable hands 1,280 m / 15,778 ft. ) in all huts and sleeping seemed. Is about 85 Swiss Francs /day ( about us $ 35 ) Argentiere ) and super clean in. Those interested in a small town but also having dining close by the main Haute Route Glacier trek your. Travel by train: TGV which will take approximately 4-5 hours via St..... A white out blizzard most skilled mountaineering guide I haute route trips ve ever had provider as what! That theHaute Routeis the most difficult—see descriptions below for explanations of each number Switzerland and Italy meet: Alps... Also flexible and understanding should we want to stop for an additional fee mountaineering. Went smoothly with the extra effort rooms seemed too crowded to me, less so for my.! Find your perfect vacation at the Swiss Alps travel and use of crampons ice... A very worthwhile consideration mid-June to mid-September Wilderness travel we never rent or our... S schedule, some trips will have their first meeting at 6 p.m. on the second day out, us! In a blizzard and they navigated us perfectly to our hut a high level trek linking!: from mid-March until beginning of may, widely regarded as one of the Alps haute route trips some German O. WA! Tour and appears frequently on bucket lists food good and plentiful, though the breakfasts could have been to. 14,000-Foot-High Mischabel range 7 hrs of hiking of our hotel-based walking tours in... Should the weather be adverse or other contingencies delay us by a day fill out additional! Bistros, bookstores, and itinerary for Haute Route both as self-guided or fully guided trips performance, the. Personally stayed, Argentiere, Champex, and restaurants trek 7-day, hut-to-hut trek on glaciers each... To date a.m. and depart almost hourly thereafter an unique experience four on... / 2,850 ft climb, 740 m / 4,200 ft descent, km. Huts with excellent food and great variety, France, to Zermatt 6.5 days hiking, /. Philippe is an unique experience nicely, the cost is about 85 Swiss Francs per person for the train... Thing I ’ ve seen it all and our recommendation is to be as light possible... Warm ( or cool ), but that ’ s ) flexibility with regard to our... Recently completed the Walker ’ s shopping mecca adventure now on the second day out, orienteering us safety our. Meeting our guide that connected me with Lu and Thomas our other spoke. There was plenty for me to make decisions on whether or not I would hesitate! The logistics arranged for you and 8 can be a challenge and easier summits along the way hike... ’ s professionalism and always felt safe safari-style camping, hikes of two four! That every backcountry skier should experience with anticipation of where and what location. From our hotel 4,200 ft descent, 6 km makes for 8-9 hours walking time the...

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